Modern Joseki and Fuseki Vol. 1 Parallel Fuseki (Sakata Eio - réédition)

Sakata Eio - Ishi Press - Réédition 2015 - édition originale 1968 - En anglais - 176 p.

Extrait de la 3eme de couverture:
"Designed for all ranks of Go players, here is a systematic study of modern Even-game Opening Theory.
Professional methods are discussed in the simplest terms, while help is given to the reader who wants to develop a more sophisticated game.
Most of the basic opening formulae are described in this volume and these (the komoku, san-san, and mokukadzushi josekis) are analyzed in the context of recent championship matches.
Profusely illustrated, packed with information, this book includes a special section giving Definitions of Japanese Go Terms."

ISBN 0-923891-75-7

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